The difference between a good strategy and a great one depends on the people who implement it

At AI Legal & Strategy Consulting, we help you develop internal AI and data expertise. If you already have a team of specialists, we help ensure that they have all the skills and knowledge necessary for the well-being of your AI solution and business. If you don't have one, we identify your needs and offer you access to our network of technology providers with whom we negotiate and establish the right foundation for your collaboration.  

Our team will support you in creating the team you need and fill the training gap you may encounter. We will help you develop - and train - a diverse, interdisciplinary team of data and AI experts that is essential to a successful AI strategy.

The CTIO is responsible for organizational leadership on technology issues, management of the technology research and review function, ensuring the alignment of technology vision with business strategy, and for driving technology innovation throughout the entire organization.

The four-step process of building your team


Identify knowledge requirements

While starting its AI journey, a company will have to assess its maturity in relation to digitalization as well as the resources necessary to reach its AI vision.


Identify make-or-buy points

Shall all the required talent be available internally, or can some tasks and roles be outsourced? Is all the required talent already available internally? Is there a need to recruit specific profiles? Is there a need for additional training?


Transfer knowledge

Identify and devise the right training mix for your AI Initiative, with general trainings, individual education offerings for key employees, or targeted seminars or coaching programs.


Identify right talent

Identify the best internal and external talents to realize the AI initiative.

Definition of a strategy

We assist you in building your company's AI strategy that best meet your needs, from introducing a digital strategy to implementing an operating model that makes the most of the potential of AI. We also elaborate a change management plan with a list of success criteria to prepare stakeholders for change.

Evaluation of ethical issues

We help you discuss and evaluate ethical issues. In particular, we guide you to identify and find solutions for customer expectations, acceptance and trust in the digital environment.

AI potential assessment

We provide you with an assessment of your technological situation, your degree of digitisation and the potential of AI tools for you.

Digital action plan

If your company is not yet digitally ready, we support you in getting there. In fact, most new technologies, and in particular those that use AI, require quality data. Therefore, you need to have processes in place to collect useful data, and existing data needs to be prepared. This process includes adapting the organisation for maximal effectiveness.

Identification of the right providers

We independently identify the technology providers that best meet your needs. We have created a pool of providers that we believe offer the best service in the industry. This pool is regularly reviewed and expanded.

Contacting and negotiating

We contact the technology providers that best meet your needs and negotiate the solutions that can be integrated into your company in order to maximise the success of the technology initiative.

Support in implementation

We support you in the implementation of the AI initiative(s) following the criteria for success.

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Our services


Adoption of AI Strategy

Together, we define the right digital strategy for your business and help you implement an operational model that best meets your needs. From assessing your technology situation, to identifying the ethical issues that AI might raise in your specific setting, to developing an action plan to manage the quality data needed for an effective AI initiative, to reaching out to and/or negotiating with technology providers, we are with you every step of the way.

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Legal review of AI solutions

For your specific AI solution, we provide you with a detailed report on current and future legislation, potential risks, possible solutions to existing issues and/or practical improving measures.

We engage with the stakeholders, such as regulators and authorities, in order to allow you to fully take advantage of the AI'potential without fear of legal risk.

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Workshops service

Our workshops focus on helping you explore and develop your potential with AI, regardless of your experience with it. We offer tailored workshops that address your needs. AI and strategy, regulation, leadership, data, legal risk, and change management. All workshops are interactive and participate in identifying opportunities in an effective way.

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