The Why

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we live, the way we work and the way we achieve things.

We believe that people can achieve so much more with the help of artificial intelligence and get a better working environment. However, it will depend what decisions are taken by the company. We want to help companies making the best decisions possible improving not only the performance of the business, but also improving the working environment by putting the human being in the center of our thoughts.

AI is changing the way we live, the way we work and the way we achieve things.

Our services


Adoption of AI Strategy

Together, we define the right digital strategy for your business and help you implement an operational model that best meets your needs. From assessing your technology situation, to identifying the ethical issues that AI might raise in your specific setting, to developing an action plan to manage the quality data needed for an effective AI initiative, to reaching out to and/or negotiating with technology providers, we are with you every step of the way.

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Legal review of AI solutions

For your specific AI solution, we provide you with a detailed report on current and future legislation, potential risks, possible solutions to existing issues and/or practical improving measures.

We engage with the stakeholders, such as regulators and authorities, in order to allow you to fully take advantage of the AI's potential without fear of legal risk.

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Internal development of AI expertise

We help you develop your internal AI and data expertise. There are many questions of the organization that need to be addressed, such as composing the team, using internal ressources or hiring specialists, and ensuring that employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities in the face of an AI-driven organization.

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Workshops service

Our workshops focus on helping you explore and develop your potential with AI, regardless of your experience with it. We offer tailored workshops that address your needs. AI and strategy, regulation, leadership, data, legal risk, and change management. All workshops are interactive and participate in identifying opportunities in an effective way.

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Our services designed for your company's AI journey

We offer a wide set of services regarding artificial intelligence, legal and strategy consulting to support your company with its individual AI journey.


AI Strategy Definition

We discuss your company's AI strategy and define appropriate AI initiative(s).


Change management

We elaborate a strategy and a list of success criteria to prepare stakeholders for change.


AI Initiative

We will define your specific AI initiative(s) and identify internal ressources and concrete providers.


Legal services

We analyse your regulatory requirements and identify potential legal pitfalls and opportunities.


Plan of action

We will define your specific steps and timelines for the integration of the AI initiative(s).


Support in Implementation

We support you in the implementation of the AI initiative(s) following the criteria for success.

Our services at a glance.

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