Our Founding Partner Prisca Quadroni presented during the Lunch & Learn Webinar for the WE SHAPE TECH some legal considerations while implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI).

She discussed :

  • what are the legal aspects that could jeopardize a technological initiative
  • what are the new aspects to consider when introducing AI technology and
  • what can we already learn from past experiences.

Indeed, AI is a particular type of technology, which opens several new questions, among others legal ones. It’s not the first time a project fails, because the legal aspects where not verified right at the beginning of a technological initiative.

Here are the take aways from the webinar:

1. Start on the Right Foot

If a company does not plan strategically the implementation, especially with artificial intelligence tools, it may have very negative repercussions.

2. Do Not Underestimate the Change

Too many employment law issues arise from a bad change management. Implementing AI technology presents several aspects that have to be taken into account in order to prevent conflicts and resistance.

3. One Step at Time

Introducing a new technology in general needs good planning and good follow ups. AI technology needs even more attention to details and, because it brings several new aspect to be considered, it is better to start small than to deal with unexpected challenges in various AI initiatives.

4 .Take Time to Research

The choice of the AI provider is essential and if chosen wisely, it is an element of success. If chosen poorly it could cost substantially more than expected and/or produce unsatisfying results.