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Date and location

21.06.2022 - Kursaal Bern, Kornhausstrasse 3, Bern, CH

Event Objective

According to the EU Commission, following its proposal in April 2021, the AI regulation could enter into force by the end of 2022 with a transitional period.

Let’s discuss together about the AI regulatory environment and what consequences the EU AI Act has for Swiss companies.

We will focalize on AI Opportunities & Challenges and discuss Swiss best practices.


  • Prof. Diego Kuonen, Statoo Consulting & University Geneva
  • Christoph Bräunlich, BSI Business Systems Integration AG
  • Raphael E. von Thiessen, Canton of Zurich
  • Natalia Lyarskaya, ZestMoney
  • Prisca Quadroni, AI Legal & Strategy Consulting (AI-LSC)
  • Mauro Quadroni, AI Legal & Strategy Consulting (AI-LSC)


09:30 Intro & Panel discussion

10:30 Coffee & networking

10:45 Deep Dive Workshops

  • Opportunities exploration
  • Challenges’ management
  • Innovation Sandbox for Artificial Intelligence
  • Delivering AI at Scale: Key Factors to Consider

11:45 Break

12:00 Closing - Tours de table with the experts

12:30 Lunch

Deep Dive Workshops

  1. Opportunities exploration: Many opportunities are not seized for fear of legal hurdles. Mauro Quadroni will discuss with the participants some of the opportunities AI offers to their companies and how the legal environment, e.g. data protection, does not always block them.
  2. Challenges’ management: Prisca Quadroni-Renella will tackle the legal and ethical challenges related to the development and adoption of AI, such as privacy or disappearance of jobs. She will identify with the participants some risk areas and discuss mitigation measures.
  3. Innovation Sandbox for Artificial Intelligence: Raphael E. von Thiessen will present the Innovation Sandbox for Artificial Intelligence of the Canton of Zurich and discuss it with the participants.
  4. Delivering AI at Scale: Key Factors to Consider: 90 % of companies have difficulty scaling AI across their enterprises. Natalia Lyarskaya will discuss how taking a more strategic, holistic approach can help the organization capture the true potential of scaled AI and deliver more robust business value.